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Bonsai Foundation by Laurence Lee

This course is suitable for those who are new to bonsai. The content contains the basic knowledge of making bonsai, from the history and development of bonsai, production methods to daily care. The content of the course is practical. We teach you how to make bonsai through simple steps. After completion, you will have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of bonsai.

Main Features:
● Comprehensive knowledge
● A practical, step-by-step approach
● Use common plants in flower shops as a demonstration
● Learn from professional tutor

Video 1: The origin and history of bonsai
5 minutes
Video 2: Styling method
5 minutes
Video 3: Bonsai classification
5 minutes
Video 4: Pruning techniques
5 minutes
Video 5: Repotting
5 minutes
Video 6: Daily maintenance
5 minutes