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Danse de Boxe – Basic Entry Level by Winkie

ABC Thai Boxing Dance was founded in 2016 by Winkie Lai, a singer, actress and member of the girls group HotCha. Danse De Boxe is a full-body exercise that combines Thai boxing movements & dancing elements. It’s fun & helps to keep fit.

Main Features:
• Suitable for beginners, helps to solve obesity problems, less exercise & person who like stretching.
• Easy to learn & not restricted by location.

Dance Stretching
• Basic relaxation postures & techhniques

Thai Boxing
• Left and right straight punches, Jab Cross

Danse De Boxe (Thai Boxing Dance)
• Bouncing, stepping, mabu (horse stance)
• Fusion Jab Cross, left and right punches

Danse de Boxe – Basic Entry Level
45 minutes